Reproducibilidade de resultados

A Nature tomou medidas para reduzir a falta de reproducibilidade de resultados dos resultados de experiências.

Editorial que explica a iniciativa.

Uma checklist muito interessante a ser preenchida pelos autores. P.ex. diz:

Each figure legend should contain, for each panel where they are relevant:
• the exact sample size (n) for each experimental group/condition, given as a number, not a range;
• a description of the sample collection allowing the reader to understand whether the samples represent technical or biological replicates (including how many animals, litters, cultures, etc.);
• a statement of how many times the experiment shown was replicated in the laboratory;
• definitions of statistical methods and measures: 
  ○ very common tests, such as t-test, simple χ2 tests, Wilcoxon and Mann-Whitney tests, can be unambiguously identified by name only, but more complex techniques should be described in the methods section; 
  ○ are tests one-sided or two-sided?
  ○ are there adjustments for multiple comparisons?
  ○ statistical test results, e.g., Pvalues;
  ○ definition of ‘center values’ as median or average; 
  ○ definition of error bars as s.d. or s.e.m.